Should you wait for the iPhone 15 or buy a new iPhone now?

Once the calendar rolls over to July, it becomes difficult to answer the question of whether you should buy a new iPhone now or later. There’s definitely nothing wrong with Apple’s current lineup of smartphones, as the iPhone 14 models that debuted last fall remain the best iPhones you can buy right now. But moments have a way of changing, which is why you might be wondering if you should wait for the iPhone 15.

After all, the anticipated launch of Apple’s next iPhones isn’t that far off, even if no formal release date has been set yet. If you can hang on for a few more months, you can guarantee you’re getting the latest and greatest Apple hardware. And even if the new models don’t impress, you can probably pick up one of Apple’s current phones at a discount once the iPhone 15 appears. That’s the benefit of waiting for the iPhone’s fall release.

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