Limited Edition Pixel Fold celebrates hip hop’s 50th anniversary, but you can’t buy it [U: Contest]

As part of the Pixel Fold launch, Google created a limited edition version of the foldable to commemorate hip hop’s 50th anniversary, but you can’t buy one.

Update: While you can’t buy this limited edition Pixel Fold just yet, there is a way to win one.

Hip hop is said to have begun in 1973, when DJ Kool Herc used two turntables to isolate and loop the percussion breaks of songs, smoothly switching between the two records to give more tempo to a song’s more danceable moments . In the decades since, hip hop has grown to become a dominant force in the music industry now celebrating 50 years of breaking, scratching, rapping and so much more.

To mark this milestone, Google has created a special version of the just released Pixel Fold. This limited-edition (production run of 400) folds up the Pixel Fold’s Obsidian hue and adds metallic accents to the sides and camera bar. There is also a hip hop 50th anniversary emblem displayed on the camera bar.

Unfortunately, the Pixel Fold Hip Hop 50 edition is not available for sale. Instead, Google is giving the phone to select people through its #GiftFromGoogle program. As documented by Nestor Pool and Jay Ybarra on Instagram and Courtney Hill on Twitter, the presentation here is simply incredible, as Google is packing the phone in a specially made suitcase turntable by Victrola.

Update 7/11: If you’ve got your heart set on the beautifully designed Hip Hop 50 Pixel Fold and you’re a US resident, you might be thrilled to learn that Google is running a contest to win one of the limited edition bundles. Shared by Google Pixels on Twitterthe contest simply asks you to submit a photo of your best fit inspired by hip hop culture.

Scoring will be based on how well the presentation (a) showcases the original fit (outfit) in a narrative way that is inspiring or otherwise creatively entertaining, and (b) represents hip hop culture (e.g. might include clothing inspired by iconic hip hop styles, music videos, album covers, or red carpet moments).

Entries are open until 18 July and the winner will be chosen on 24 July.

In addition to the Pixel Fold from the Hip Hop 50 edition, the set includes the Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro, as well as It’s All G bling created by Simone I. Smith and a Mass Appeal five-disc 45rpm vinyl box set. Below all the gadgets and a letter from Google, there is a fully functional Victrola player to enjoy the included records.

We had a blast putting together something truly personalized just for you, complete with working Victrola portable turntable, custom jewelry by Simone I. Smith, Mass Appeal vinyl box set, and our latest roundup of Google innovations, including a Google Pixel limited edition Fold, Google Pixel Buds and Google Pixel Watch.

Simone I. Smith is an incredible jewelry designer, 17-year cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who witnessed the evolution of hip hop firsthand through her husband, LL Cool J. She crafted this piece to pay homage to to this transcendent genre of music.

This isn’t the first time Google has celebrated hip hop culture so thoroughly. In 2017, as the genre celebrated its 44th anniversary, the company’s homepage featured an interactive doodle that made it easy to try mixing and scratching records to find your hip hop sound. That experience is still available to try on the Google Doodle blog.

What do you think of this special edition box set for Google Pixel Fold? Let us know in the comments below.

Header Image: Courtney Hill @filmedbyfresh

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