5 things Samsung should copy from the Pixel Tablet

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is coming up on July 26, and there’s a lot to look forward to. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are the highlights for most people, but there’s also a chance we’ll see the Galaxy Tab S9 tablet as well. This all comes just weeks after Google launched both the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold. So, with the Pixel Tablet being my new go-to device, there are a few things I hope Samsung can copy from Google’s new flagship Android tablet into its Galaxy Tab S9.

1 The speaker dock

Pixel tablet speaker dock

Pixel tablet speaker dock

My favorite feature on the Pixel Tablet is definitely the speaker dock. It’s where I keep my Pixel Tablet most of the day, and it’s super convenient. Having that speaker means my tablet is already ready and waiting for me when I need it. I never have to worry about it charging with a USB-C cable when I’m at home (like I would if I bought a Samsung tablet).

And, while I know you can already use a Samsung tablet as a second screen for a Samsung PC, having that speaker dock makes my Pixel Tablet more useful as a second screen for multiple devices. On a Mac, PC or even an iPhone, I can stream a YouTube video to the Pixel Tablet while I work, or even stream my favorite songs from Spotify over it and enjoy my songs in higher quality than the built-in speakers of the Tablet.

2 A cleaner Android experience

Google Pixel tablets

One thing I’ve always hated about Samsung products, in general, is the Android experience. For example, there are two apps for everything, since you get both Samsung and Google apps at the same time. There’s also preloaded Samsung bloatware, like Galaxy Store, Smart Switch, and SmartThings that I never use. With the Google-made Pixel Tablet, there’s none of that. It’s pure Android, without any extras. I know Samsung products always come with one UI, but I prefer pure Android to everything else.

3 A smaller tablet is a better tablet

Galaxy Tab S8 with keyboard attached

When it’s not on the dock, I use the Pixel tablet a lot in my hands and it’s really comfortable. The device measures approximately 10.2 inches wide, 6.7 inches tall, and 0.3 inches thick. Combine that with the 16.39 oz weight and that makes it really easy to hold. The point is, a smaller tablet is a better tablet.

I know the Tab S8 is already smaller than the Pixel Tablet as it measures 9.99 inches wide, 6.51 inches high and 0.25 inches thick, but smaller tablets really are better in 2023. I’d like to see a 8 inch tablet, for example. Samsung has focused too much on bigger is better (like the S8+ or Tab S8 Ultra) and seems to forget that not all tablets are meant to be replacements for computers or laptops!

4 A third-party accessory program

Case for Pixel Tablets

Not counting the dock, the Pixel Tablet launched with just one official accessory from Google, the Pixel Tablet Case. While there’s no official keyboard or pen, there are some accessories that Google has classified as “Made for Google Pixel.” Two of these are Speck cases, such as the Magfolio case and the StanyShell case. This is something I’d like Samsung to consider. Buying cases for an Android tablet is always a disaster and sometimes you end up with a case that isn’t quality. I wish Samsung would roll out a similar program so you know if you’re not buying an official accessory and a third party one, it’s top notch and will work with your tablet without issue.

5 Universal stylus holder

Pixel tablet with pen

Samsung Galaxy tablets usually work with SPen. Unlock a fun new way to use your device to ink and draw. The problem with this, however, is that you either have to buy an S Pen from Samsung directly or buy a third-party pen. The Pixel Tablet is different than that as you can buy any stylus pen that supports the USI 2.0 standard. Support for this universal pen standard makes it easier and cheaper to find a pen that works with your new tablet. Samsung could learn from Google about this.

What will the Tab S9 offer?

While I hope Samsung can copy these five things for its next Android tablet, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. The Galaxy Tab S9 might as well just be a spec bump, based on the leaked renders and all the leaks we’ve seen. However, there are a few things that Samsung does better than Google on tablets, and that’s the OLED screen and that keyboard accessory. Time will tell, but for now I still love my Pixel Tablet and hope other OEMs emulate what Google did.

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